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Here are the instructions to join the

             SCHOLARSHIP party! 


Thank you for your interest :)

to earn your FREE spot inside my beta workshop, here's how to apply:


Step #1 Create your video

Upload a 2-min (or less) video to Youtube by July 9TH at 11:59 PM ET, answering the following:


1. Your name

2. A little bit about your business goals (including what's working now)

3. Share your business goals (be specific)

4. What do you think is getting in the way?

5. How do you think this workshop can help you? 

6. What is the #1 thing that you would want to have by the end of this Beta Program?


Use the title " Scholarship -Workshop with Diana Castro  - YOUR NAME - when uploading your video to Youtube.


and.. YES, you can upload the video as UNLISTED (but not as private).


Submit your name, email address, and link to your Youtube video to the email

to complete your application.

BEFORE May 7th!


Here is what I am looking for:

this is plain and simple, I am looking for people who have great ideas, a great attitude, and a relentless pursuit of accomplishing everything int heir business.  If I feel like my workshop can help you, I will most likely pick you.


Remember I am only selecting 2 winners

Let's Talk

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