This specific video is only for schools. Are you a school looking to create content on a consistent basis? Yes. Well, you're in the right place. We love working with schools and we have developed a system where we can become your video production team outside of the school, and create consistent video on a monthly basis at an affordable, crazy rate.

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how long should our videos be? The answer is as long as they have to be, but as short as possible. Depending on your strategy and video, the answer may vary. For a branding video, you can have videos up to three minutes, up to four minutes, seven minutes. But the truth is that attention spans are very, very short, and once your video starts going over three minutes, you're kind of losing some of the people. The most important information usually comes at the end when you do your call to action so you should keep it as long as it has to be, but as short as possible. Now, let's talk about Facebook. Facebook now has a way of asking you to create videos that are over three minutes so you can monetize them. But is that a rule? You can make them shorter. Definitely, you can. What about Instagram? Instagram before used to be up to a minute for your Feed and that was it. But now the rules have changed and you can make them up to 15 minutes to be post on IGTV, and with a little button inside of that space, you can click so it can feed your Feed, so it can take the video to your Feed and then allow people to watch the remaining of the video in IGTV. At the end of the day, videos should be as long as it has to be but as short as possible, especially when you're creating video for content online. Let me add one more thing. You might not have thought about this, but you have been trained since you were little to consume content in 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 90 seconds. Why? Because that's how long TV commercials are. That's why our attention span is very short, and we expect to hear and feel a complete idea in less than three minutes. Are you creating content? Do you have any questions about the strategy you should be using to create your video as long as it has to be? Visit us at and subscribe so you can receive tips and information on how to position your brand as a leader with the use and power of video.

One of the most important things you need when creating video is clarity. Without clarity, there is nothing. Clarity of purpose is going to allow you to create a video that is going to give you results. So one of the first questions we ask our clients is, what problem are you trying to solve with video? What should this video provide for you? And you would be surprised, sometimes people are like, "I'm just doing video because I was told that I need to make video for my business. And that's why I'm asking for it." That's not necessarily a good approach because no matter what we create, you're never going to see a return on your investment. Because you don't have clarity of intention with that video that you're creating.

The way we approach video at For Productions is first establishing what results should you receive, how we going to quantify the results? One of the questions we will ask is, who is your audience? What is the energy of your brand? Once we have clarity of what you want to create, you will be able to make an impact to those that meet the message you receive. Let me make it clear with this little example. Sometimes we get, "Diana, I need an event video." Okay. How does that look like? Is it a video promo? Is it a highlight? Is that an opt-in video that you're going to send to your audience for free, that needs to have a specific information? Should it have soundbites from the talk or is it just music? Will it have animations included? Will it have testimonials in it? All of these things will be important so you have exactly what you need to get the desired results that you're looking for. If you feel a little lost in video, don't worry. You have experts that will guide you through the process. I'm going to invite you to visit us at Where if you subscribe, you will receive tips and amazing information on how to position you and your brand, as leaders in your industry.

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