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Is VIDEO a powerful tool for marketing your business?

How can you drive more people to your site? How can they get to know your products and services? the answer is VIDEO.

Did you know that:

1) Most Americans, and (the WORLD market) begins looking for the products or services they want to buy with a local Google search.

In fact, so many people are searching online that USA shows that companies spent over 31 billion dollars on internet advertising last year alone.

2) According to U.S. today over 65% of all internet users begin their search for products and services with a Google search.

3) Once they find a website online they quickly scan the website for a video explaining what the company does, and how it does it.

People would rather now watch a video than to read text. According to, nearly 60% of online users said that they would watch an online video before reading any text.

In conclusion:

When people search online are they finding your company or are they finding your competition?

When they do find you, are they finding a piece of quality marketing material?

If you would like to start doing video, or maybe improve your video content online, or even broadcast it. Please call us, we can help you with all your video needs.

Diana Castro

Creative Video Producer

For Productions

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