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Common Uses for Annotations

When you add an Outro to your videos you can optimize your videos with annotations, here are some common uses for annotations:

  • Ask viewers to like, favorite or share a video.

  • Ask a specific question to enhance viewer engagement.

  • Make it easy for viewers to subscribe right from your videos.

  • Create a table of contents for long-form videos.

  • Link to related videos or content you reference in the video.

  • Link to other videos in the series.

  • Link to other videos, playlists, channels or full versions of shorter video clips.

  • Make areas of your video clickable and interactive.

  • Highlight your Website.

  • Link to your social media presence.

  • Direct viewers to consume more of your uploaded content.

  • Promote Events or upcoming product or services.

  • Add text clarification to a specific part of the video.

We can help you create an Intro & Outro that works for your content and brand.

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