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Creating Content that Educates your Audience

Content Marketing is creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers.

Dr. Saadia Mohammend has created a video that educates her audience in new treatments available to her patients for easier and virtually pain free experience at the dentist office.

Content marketing Helps you by:

- Using the 2nd largest search engine to promote you, your brand, your business.

- it also gives you an excuse to reach out to prospects and existing clients putting your brand on the spot light it.

- this creates brand awareness

- also Youtube is social, this in term means that people can and will have the option to SHARE you, your content, and your brand.

- the main idea is to position you, your brand and your content as a leader in your industry.

- People will be more likely to watch your video than to read your content on line.

- Youtube allows your audience to "meet you" video makes it easier to experience you, and what you have to bring to your industry.

- establish trust.

Make sure you invite your audience to visit you for more information about your services.

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