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Creating video that work for you.

We had the opportunity of working with an amazing woman Peggy Gaines, she is a true warrior with an authentic soul. Peggy has been able to master the art of meditation, and now dedicates her life in teaching others to find peace through quieting the mind, and opening the heart to listen within.

She created a program, and is currently holding a webinar called Meditation Immersion Program , and on the first day of posting the video on Facebook, the video got around 900 views, and now has over 1800 views!!

Wonderful news!

“Nothing sells like video,”

Personalities that have leverage the power of video to position themselves as leaders, and sell more of their products/services include Brendon Burchard, Gary Vaynerchuck and Chris Brogan.

The power of video does NOT end here. Videos have helped millions in making an impact on building email newsletter list, and also provided an avenue for booking speaking engagements.

The good news is that video is cheaper to produce than ever. You can get professional quality video produced for a fraction of what it used to cost, and the results can be well worth the investment.

Here are 3 things to consider when using video:

1. Video is more engaging than other forms of communication.

2. Videos appeal to more of the senses of the mind. Video provides an opportunity for you to build trust between your viewers.

3. Through video, you can communicate in a casual, conversational style. Video also gives you an opportunity to demonstrate the product—especially if that product is you!

We have become a very video oriented society, where we want content that is easy to understand.

Consider video as your key communication strategy (friendlier, engaging, personal). What is better than a duplicate of you to convey the heart and soul, passion and conviction of your product or service?

Want to talk on how to video to promote your products, services, events, etc.,?

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