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BRAND vs. BRANDING - there's a difference.

I get a lot of questions on brand and branding because we are a video production company that focuses on branding. The best way I've founded to answer to my clients is to divide it into two different ideas: there is the brand and then there's branding.

The brand, for the purposes of this example, is your logos, your typography, all of the things that are aesthetic to your brand.

Then there's the branding, and the branding is more of the customer experience, so of how people feel. That is the human connection and the human factor where if my values match with your values, I had a really good experience.

Taking those two aspects and putting them together is what we do when we create branding video packages and branding experiences, is taking your aesthetics and everything that is your identity and graphics and merging it with the soul and the heart of your business. That's why branding videos are super important for every business.

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