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Happy Thanksgiving!

It is Thanksgiving, a time to give thanks to those who give the most. And this year we had the opportunity of working with an organization that does exactly that. They work with medically complex children, and they never turn any kid away. Their name is Patches, and here is one of their stories.

** DahliaMy name is Dahlia, and my daughter Ellie comes here to Patches. Ellie was diagnosed with Ohdo Syndrome, which is a KAT6B mutation. I think for any parent, the most important thing is to know that you're leaving your child with people who actually really care about them, who really love your child, and I feel that at Patches. I feel like they don't treat your child just as another kid. They really love Ellie.DahliaThey spoil her sometimes. A nurse will come and just bring her, just to cuddle with her, and I feel like that's so special about this place. That it's not just a place where she gets treatment, and physical therapy, or speech, or OT. They really love on her, and that as a parent, I couldn't ask anything more.

Your donations are helping my daughter, and they're also helping other kids, so please donate.Diana CastroAnd that was Patches, and amazing organization, and you can make a difference in the life of many, many children who need your support. Please visit Patchesppec and make a donation to them, today.

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