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Our Story ** the short version**

I tell my clients, "Tell your story. It's gonna make you more relatable, it's gonna connect with your audience." But you know what? I have not shared my story with you so here it goes, the short version.

Ever since I can remember I've been fascinated by cameras. The first thing I did when I had my first job was save up money to buy myself a camcorder. I documented everything I could. I was totally in love. I started working at production companies for free. I created my own production company. Then I met the love of my life. We met on a set. We were working together. He was the technical director and I was the producer. Three years later we got married.

We started working the corporate gigs. And after a while, our soul was dying. It was not for us. We wanted to make something where we could feel that we were part of something bigger. Not a dot in a big machine. So we opened For Productions, and five, well this year is six years later, we're here. We're creating video for businesses that are in love with what they do, who wanna make a bigger impact. And who want to capture professionally, their business. That's my story.

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