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Here are a few things you must consider BEFORE filming an event.

Are you creating video for your event? Well, when people call me, they ask me, "How much is it gonna cost me?" My answer is, "It all depends on what you need the video to do for you." Let's go back, and check on the intention.

Number one, if you're looking to capture the "energy" of the event, you might just need a moving camera that is gonna be able to capture energy. You can create a highlight or anything that's a little bit more promotional.

How about if you need to cover the entire content? You cannot stop the camera. It's imperative that you capture for content because the guy's gonna tell you how to make a million dollars and that's the only day that he's gonna say it. You cannot miss a bit.

Here's the thing. You need a different strategy for that kind of filming. this strategy determines filming with multiple cameras. The more cameras, obviously, the more money; and that will also determine how much it's gonna cost you in post-production, 'cause you might not have a 30-second promo, you might now need a one-hour edit. needless to say that requires a different kind of budget.

Now, what about you need to capture both things, the energy and the entire content, because you're doing a full strategy? Well, think about it. You're gonna need multiple cameras, you're gonna need a moving camera operator, and someone who's staying still who's going to film nonstop. You're gonna need multiple edits at the end, will determine the budget of your event filming.

Are you looking to create video for your event? Yes? You can talk to us and we will help you.

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