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Video Tip - Being in front of the camera

Being in a front of a camera is not an easy task. If not, ask our countless clients that say, "Oh my god, I have a newfound respect for actors!"

Well, it's not supposed to be comfortable. It's supposed to take you to the next level. So, let me tell you something: most of the people that get their message across powerfully are not connected with their head.

They're connected with their heart and that is more important than being connected with your head. Because you don't notice this, but when you speak from your heart, your eyes light up and people connect better with someone's who's talking genuinely and not trying to sound smarty-pants.

It's not going to be easy but it's going to be worth it: get yourself in front of a camera and start creating your brand and building trust. Please give me two thumbs up. Subscribe, be nice, and share with your friends. And for more information, visit us at

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