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Check out these four ways to prepare for your video marketing campaigns this holiday season.

It is that time of the year ...

While plenty of brands have started to talk about halloween, you know that once halloween is over - the next thing on the stores will be the Christmas trees. Yep - you are just in time to make sure you create a video marketing campaign that is ready to get you in front of your ideal client.

Are you ready?

To make sure you don’t miss out on the potential holiday goldmine, check out these four ways to prepare your video marketing campaigns for the holiday season.

1. Have some clarity on what you want to promote

Be strategic - think about the items you’d like to be your biggest sellers and build campaigns around them.

Having this information as early as possible will give you a great jump start. You get to think more about how you want to market your products. Once you’ve decided how you want to market your products or services, you can start creating content like vlog posts, Facebook video ads and posts, email campaigns with videos, landing pages, and offers that are all centered around the products you want to push

the main idea is to plant the seed, create the top of mind and to stay consistently in front of your audience

2. Get rid of what is not serving you.

There is a saying my mom often repeated in spanish - "Si no te sirve que no te estorbe." translation if it is not serving you - just get rid of it.

In regards to your e-mai list - remove all non-responsive users, especially those who don’t open their emails. This will not only give you a more accurate view of the success of your campaigns, but it can prevent spam reporting.

3. Be strategic - and consider the following special dates

Black Friday

Cyber Monday

Small Business Saturday


Even after Christmas is over, you can continue to push conversions at the tail end of the holiday season with copy like “Start the new year off right with (insert benefit here).” If you are in a health, money, love industry - you have to market yourself strong and hard for January - people are usually looking for .a fresh new start, new year resolutions start and people want to lose weight, find love, get their financials in order... PLAN YOUR VIDEO MARKETING WITH TIME & STRATEGY

4. Understand your client avatar and give them solutions -

Gift giving is hard -- so, create content that provides solutions like “one-of-a-kind” gift ideas available online, no matter what holiday is coming up.

Push out content, including vlog posts, landing pages, Facebook Ads, and email campaigns that contain lists of recommended gifts customers can purchase from you. Examples include:

  • Gifts under $20

  • Gifts for him/her

  • Gifts for that one person that has everything

  • Gifts you should buy yourself this holiday season

Need more help?

We got you covered :) I Invite you to join us at our Workshop - HOW TO USE VIDEO TO GROW YOUR BRAND - here we will go over all the details you must know before creating video, from best video formats with best return on investment - to distribution channels, to content buckets, must have videos, etc - for more info visit THIS LINK and get your videos ready -before the holiday season starts.

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