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One of the most asked questions on YouTube is how to become an influencer. And I have an answer for that. Number one, have clarity of purpose. Number two, understand your audience inside and out. Understand their pain points, understand everything about them so you can create content that is relatable to them. That actually drives you to number three reason which is create consistent content. Leverage the power of video and social media to get through your audience. It seems like a no brainer answer, but that's the truth. The only way you're going to get visibility is through video and make sure you're investing in video as much as you can. That might mean that sometimes you create organic video and that's awesome, but it also means that you have to create professional video that is going to withhold a stand of time. Why? Because you must behave as a leader. Why? Because you have to prepare your path so when the time is right and you get to create alliances with other bigger influences, you have content that is at a level of professionalism that they will expect. Are you ready to influence the world? Are you ready to make yourself visible? Are you ready to change the game? Awesome. Start creating video. I'm going to invite you to visit us and subscribe so you can get important information and how to use video to leverage your message and your brand to position you as a leader and an influencer in your field. Go to

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