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The Secrets About TEDx And How It Became a Household Name

Have you ever heard about TEDx talks? Yeah. Well, did you know that they were founded in 1984? That's a long time ago. And just recently, they became so spread out, so popular, that they're now part of our culture, and now everyone and their mother wants to be a TEDx speaker. Well, I bring this conversation because I feel that it's needed. I feel that people need to understand that success is built through consistency. This company was very clear about their why, about what their purpose was, which was to spread ideas. They continuously created talks over and over and over again. It was not until social media appeared in the scene that they exploded. Why? Because they started taking advantage about a little thing, the power of video. The power of video and spreading ideas go hand in hand. That's the beauty of it. That's what made them a complete and overall success, that now everyone knows about them. How are you spreading your ideas? How are you becoming the go-to person in your field? Are you trying to do it with obsolete ways? Maybe printing ads or maybe just going to networking events. While those are fine and they still work, they're not as powerful as video and social media. Right now, you don't even have to think about going to TV. Actually, most of the advertisers that are on TV are switching to digital because it works, and the cost of putting advertising money on social media is so much cheaper and your reach is so exact in the way you can position your ad that it's unbelievable. So here's an idea. Why don't you start becoming visible and trustworthy to those that need you and are looking for you anyways. Spread the idea that you are the leader and the go-to person in your market. Visit us at our website and subscribe so you can receive, from time to time, nuggets of wisdom about how you can use video to grow your brand. This is at

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