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So let's talk about something that a lot of people have questions about and that sometimes it gets them really, really stuck when they're creating video, and that is how to name their videos. This is a very important question because this determines how your video ranks on YouTube on how much SEO does your video get and all of this stuff. I want to advise you that there's not a right or wrong way, it's just different ways and I feel that a combination of the two techniques I'm going to share today is the best balance way of you creating video. Number one, there are tools like Semrush, that are going to help you create content that is SEO-driven. You go to this website; at the end you have to pay about $99 per month or so to get into a program. What they do is that they get information on all the internet and how people are searching all online about how your videos should be named based on specific target words that you're using for your industry. That is really awesome because you do get valuable information on how people are searching for things. However, sometimes does this not apply to you. For example, if you are an interior designer and you're searching on what is the most popular things people search, sometimes you're going to find people trying to find out how to make a makeover under a hundred dollars. But that's not your audience. So why would you do something just because everybody is searching for it? The other approach that I have is actually based on content buckets and they are based on evergreen content philosophy that goes from who you are, what your values are, who your audience is, how are you different in your field, what solutions you provide. We create content specifically driven by those factors and we add things that are relevant in specific dates. So I use techniques that PR companies use to create relevant content for their audience on a monthly basis taking into account trends. It's not that one that is better than the other, it's just different techniques on how to name video so you can get better ranking. But I have one additional thing. I have created a list of kind of mock up templates of what you should name your videos by filling the blank. It's like a little cheat sheet. If you would like to get this cheat sheet, I'm going to ask you to go to our website and subscribe so I can send it to you. You want to know where? Visit us at:

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