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What's the difference between a YouTuber and a Content Creator?

Okay, so what's the difference between a YouTuber and a content creator? That's a little funny question because YouTubers are content creators, but for the purposes of this video, let's assume that content creators is referring to business owners that are growing their business via content creation. When you are going forward to become a YouTuber, ultimately your goal is to just make money through YouTube. A lot of people that went into YouTube, their goal was eventually to stop doing the side hustle and just get paid by creating content. That's what a YouTuber is. If you are a business owner and you just want to use video to get visibility through content creation, that's the difference. You're not looking to drop your job, to stop doing what makes you money, to start just filming content all the time. And that's a very, very strong distinction that you have to make when you start creating video because a lot of people get confused. They're like, "Diana, I want to monetize." Well, that's awesome. So then only do it with the purpose of going through that route. If you have a business and you want to grow your business, your strategy is slightly different. Want to talk strategy? Want to talk about how you can use the power of video and social media to leverage it to your advantage so you can become a leader in your business? I'm going to invite you to go to our website and subscribe so you can receive from time to time videos and tapes and special offers to those who are looking to change their world through video. Visit us at

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