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The Most Important Thing I Look for in a Camera

Today, I want to talk about a real common question that I get consistently, and that is, "Diana, what is the most important thing I should check in a camera before buying it?," and my answer is the most important thing about a camera is the person behind the camera. That's what you should pay attention to, because I have seen people that are extremely talented have just an iPhone and create masterpieces, and I have also seen people that are not that talented with very, very expensive, amazing cameras make crappy videos. Yes. There is a specific camera for specific things that you want to do, however, the most important thing about the camera is the crew that stands behind it, because the camera would do what the camera person will ask it to do. So are you looking to create video? Are you looking to make an impact with the power of social media and video? If that's a yes please visit us and subscribe, because I will send you from time to time videos, and information, and tips on how to position your brand as a leader in your industry with the power of video.

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