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3 simple video formats designed for thought leaders

With so many different formats and types, it can be difficult to know where to start. WATCH this short video, and you will learn about the top three 3 video formats designed for building thought leadership and the strategies behind it.

AND... if creating a video marketing strategy for your business is part of your 2021 plan but you are feeling stuck... Let me ask you to raise your hand if you are suffering from the following symptoms:

- Video feels complicated

- Video feels time-consuming

- You're struggling to find topics for your content.

- You looking to grow your social media / online "findability".

- You are struggling with consistency and content fatigue.

- You are looking to drive more leads and sales..

If any of the above or ALL of the above sounds and feels like you... then, we need to have a conversation. (why?) - because I created a program that will lift all that weight for you (MONEY BACK GUARANTEE)

I promise that my program VIDEO INFLUENCE PROGRAM will:

- Take away the stress of coming up with ideas to talk about.. (you will walk away with a full year, Yes, 12 months of video content ideas that are unique to you!)

- Find out what to say in each video, something I call CONTENT DESIGN.

- Discover the science behind getting your content FOUNDABLE online. + learn your unique KEYWORDS to ensure that you are creating the right videos that get you in front of your ideal human.

- Get secret insights on how to present on camera, look good, and feel like a total badass!

- Learn an easy-to-follow process for creating video in a way that feels energy-rich, and aligned to your purpose.

- Find your unique VOICE, without scripts, and with the confidence to show up authentically.

and... Drum roll pls... 🥁🥁🥁

- You will FILM a "Fundamental Video" that connects the viewer to the SOUL of your business (Professional video that includes CAMERA - LIGHTS - MAKEUP - DIRECTION - STUDIO) ** yes, we will film a video professional video that you feel proud of.

The next Video Influence Program (V.I.P) Weekend is July 22nd, 23rd, 24th and I only have 3 spaces available. If you want to see if it's a fit for you, CLICK HERE to book a call to discover if this program is right for you. If we discover that VIDEO INFLUENCE PROGRAM is not right for you, no worries, we'll sort out your next best step. No matter what, I promise you'll receive value from the conversation.


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