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A Simple Act That Can Transform Your Life and Business

I trust you're soaking up all the good vibes today!

I am buzzing with anticipation to introduce you to an amazing human with a simple yet revolutionary concept that can truly help us transform the ordinary into the extraordinary:


Today's LEADERS WITH A MISSION brings a KINDNESS INFLUENCER that is helping brands (big and small) create community, build teams, grow sales, create business culture, increase morale, and more...


And guess what? She's not just talking about it; she's walking the talk, leveraging VIDEO to pivot her business while making a massive impact.


 Enter stage right, our kindness virtuoso, Marly Q!


Her profound insight will leave you with a fresh perspective on kindness, inspiring you to stitch it into the fabric of your daily life.


Check out this episode to explore ...

  • Creating self-kindness as a way of inner leadership

  • Communicating effectively in difficult times = kindness.

  • Implementing kindness in the workplace to create community and leverage it for business growth


Intrigued? Ready to sprinkle a bit of your own kindness confetti?  Click here to watch our latest episode featuring Marly Q., and you'll see how kindness is more than just a concept - it's a life-changing force.


Remember, even the smallest acts of kindness can ripple out and create waves of change.


Let's join Marly on this journey, sprinkle our own kindness confetti, and help transform our communities, one kind act at a time.


Sending you big hugs and confetti kindness,


PS - Do me a favor like, Subscribe, and share this episode, it truly helps us amplify messages that create happier humans.* and happier humans make more amazing impact!


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