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A simple way to structure your videos!

Hello, today we're gonna talk about the anatomy of a successful video, we're gonna go a little bit deeper into what goes in each category to give you some structure so that you have a sense of what I'm asking you to do.

The best way I have to explain this and the simplest way is to think of a sandwich or a hamburger right you have the top bun you have the bottom bun and you have the meat in the middle, so the top on ends up being the introduction of the topic, here's where you place the hook to let people know what is it that they're going to watch and then you have the

development of the content here's where you take a little bit more of

time to develop that idea and then at the bottom you have a call to action.

Not every video has the same call to action but I do want to invite you to consider that most videos should, it's not a size fits all but hey people like to be told what to do and, here's where we get to do that and give them an invitation to do so.

My recommendation, this is not a one size fits all, but this is just a recommendation to create an association between your face and the logo of your business or the brand that you are leveraging, you could have an optional logo animation that is very short, I don't recommend logo animations being like nine seconds long because in a video every second counts, and remember people have very short attention spans, so four to six is ideal this is something you can consider.

So after you have your logo animation we dive deep into the content and there're different approaches people can take. The one that you're seeing right now is very basic and one of the ways that I have seen YouTubers take control of the conversation is by starting with:

*Hello my name is _______ and I help people with ________ if this is something that you're interested in please subscribe

This is making a call to action at the beginning of the video and letting people know what are you about and what is it that people should expect from this channel if this is something of interest an invitation to subscribe.

Another way that I've seen the introduction after the logo is to dive deep in on:

*Here's what you're gonna get from this video first I'm gonna tell you this then I'm gonna tell you that and then I'm just gonna give you this thing so I hope you stay till the end because x y and z.

I took the approach of investigating several different accounts and I noticed that there was a pattern in the way that they would start the conversation which gets people interested, it allows people to kind of lean a little bit in, and that looks like telling them the problem with x is why or

statistics show that black blah blah blah or one of the biggest problems or one of the biggest things or just starting with something really powerful right after you make that introduction.

That is an approach that you can take and this is something very valid and

again everyone has their tempo their rhythm their sauce so I want you to take all of those things into account when you start creating content.

The last thing, the bottom bun, the call to action, and here's the only part where I invite people to create a micro script that you sort of memorized because you want to create that connection with your audience and let them know exactly where they get to go, to get more of what you have to offer and this one sounds more like:

* If you want to learn more about x, please visit us at blah blah blah blah

blah, where you will receive x y and z or where you can be part of our community.

So now we get to dive a little bit deeper into what ingredients do you have

to play with when you create content and there're a lot of ingredients to

consider, you just get to choose whatever you like and put it inside of your content sandwich.

One of the ingredients is called pattern interrupt and this is when you do

something different to get the attention of your audience. So for example, let's say the video is rolling and you go:

*Well hello there how are you, yes you how are you

That is a way of doing a pattern interruption or maybe in the middle of

your video, you're talking in a talking head and all of a sudden you put an

insert that is breaking a pattern that's letting someone else's brain stop and be like whoo something shiny just happened, something different just happened, you get to open your videos or in the middle of your videos do inserts or do something different that catches people's attention.

Another amazing tool that you have at your disposal is storytelling, you get to use stories to help people remember what you're trying to talk about, we often see a lot of videos that have a lot of data and guess what we're not likely to remember the data right but we are very likely to remember a story because it keeps us connected that is the best ingredient we are ever gonna have when creating content, so please use this one often.

Another ingredient that you have is asking a question at the beginning, this is priming people to become participants of your video, something


*Have you ever heard the definition of:

*What if :

This is getting people involved in your content and this especially works out well to agitate a pain point because you get to tap into your audience brain and make them part of the conversation, you get to invite them in and be like hey is this happening to you, and people usually love that because it's a way of creating engagement, it's just not a monologue where you're just dumping information in them it's involving them in the process.

The next ingredient that you have at your disposal and which I highly

recommend you use in every video is a hook, a hook is something that gets them to stay watching, meaning you're not going to give them the whole answer at the beginning and most people make that mistake, it's like creating a video that says video can help your business grow, although you already gave me the answer, so why should I stay watching?

Instead, you could say here are three things that are gonna help you grow your business, and then you get to talk about your thing, in my case would be video and, whatever other ingredient you wanted to add in that content, that's a hook.

Another ingredient that you could use on your videos, is naming your viewer or audience, for example, I have a program in Spanish called influencer virtual and I usually open my videos by saying: hola influencer como estas, hello my influencer how are you.

This is something that you can potentially use if you have a community and you name your community a specific way, so you get to get them be part of something bigger.

The next ingredient that you have at your disposal is naming the problem, the problem they know they want to solve, you're touching their pain point, naming the problem out allows them to know that someone sees them, this is an ingredient you could use on your videos.

The next ingredient is to talk to them about the bigger problem, the bigger why for example, someone who's a relationship coach:

People might be going to you because they want to find the love of their life and in reality sometimes what they need is to first deal with their inner insecurities, so you get to talk about things and the bigger why of why they are hiring you and what they get to solve when they work with you that is just a simple example.

The next ingredient is really juicy because this one gives people a reason to reach out to you as a leader and this is giving them outcomes, people do not want to hear about the medicine, they want to hear about the solution.

Think about this, if you go to the doctor, do you care if he gives you aspirin or whatever other ingredient of medicine? You really don't, what you want is someone to take away your headache so you get to talk about the actual outcomes that they get when they work with you or when they follow your system. So please use this one regularly.

The last one, a call to action, and with that I'm gonna give you my call to action for this video:

If you are looking to harness the power of video, to amplify your visibility, then we have to have a conversation, we created a program called: Video Influence Program and it's designed to simplify the entire process, allowing you to understand everything behind the scenes of how video works, how you should position yourself, how to package your message, how to feel confident in front of the camera, how to speak to the camera, what are the ideal lens, what are the ideal formats, all of these things are

covered here and we equip you with content calendars and actual systems that you can follow, you will also walk away with one professional video that you can use on your website, on your social media everywhere.

If you would like to ask me any questions - let's book a call - and explore options to support you on your video marketing.

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