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Avoid This Video Marketing Mistake, And Do This Instead...

Are you a small business owner thinking of doing a video for your business if so

today we're going to talk about one of the big lies most entrepreneurs believe

when it comes to making a video for their business.

Hello, my name is Diana Castro and I help entrepreneurs and business owners create systems so that they can do video consistently and be top of mind for their clients so what is this big lie what is these big lie entrepreneurs tell themselves.

They say "I need to create a really well-produced, very professional branded video"

So, let's start with this thing what is a "Branded Video".

A branded video is like an "About Video" it's like a summary of who

you are what you do why should people you know consider you. Is a really

well-produced video where - you tell your ideal customer avatar

why they should buy from you; and while that is a very important video

to have in your marketing arsenal, In my opinion, it is NOT the first thing

you should have when you're starting with video content.


because that video needs to live on your website. And the real question is - how are you driving traffic to your website?

Are you gonna use that same video on your social media and drive

traffic to your website so that people can see the same exact video?

Well - Yeah you can do that, but the "lifespan" of that video is not going to be as

expansive as you think.

So, here's what you should do instead:

With the same amount of money that you would invest for that big video, you should use that same budget to create micro-content. (simpler video that is going to be

showing up week after week after week with different topics).

Topics that talk about:

- Who is your ideal client?.

- What problem do you solve for them?

- Frequently asked questions.

- Tell them about why you started your business.

- Tell them about mistakes other people make when they don't hire you.

There's a ton of videos you can make that are micro-sized specialized videos - that answer a specific question your ideal target audience is looking for.

So, instead of making a really well-produced video with all the bells and whistles -

focus on simplifying that same thing and giving your audience more consistent

content at a time.

Content that is going to give you leverage, give you an opportunity to

showing up consistently driving traffic to your website.

And eventually, once you start having that traction, once you start going that - then you can

consider the next stage, A branded video.

What i have noticed is that those clients that actually have the huge video first they feel like a

failure because they're not driving traffic to their website. They're

trying to run the marathon without doing the actual warm-up.

Be smart with your marketing dollars, first build your audience. Build attraction, be consistent online.

Create this momentum and then go for the big branded video.

If you would like to ask me any questions - let's book a call - and explore options to support you on your video marketing.


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