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Get Inspired Today:From Fear To Faith

Hello, Leaders!!! As you know something that I love about Leaders With A Mission, is having the opportunity to share the amazing stories of people that are really making an impact. And for me, something that is very inspiring is getting to know how they overcome their personal hardships and make something positive about it, they taught us that life might be hard, but there is always a silver lining, a path that you can follow to overcome yourself. This week's guest is a perfect example of this... Marilyn Rousseau is a women’s empowerment expert, speaker, coach, information technology leader, and humanitarian. Her mission in life is to empower women from all walks of life to move through Fear and tap into Faith and freedom to create the life they want and deserve. As a breast cancer survivor, Marilyn is passionate about empowering women to unapologetically prioritize themselves, and live a life of purpose, and passion. In this interview, she shares her powerful story of how she went from fear to faith!


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