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His work - has transformed my life!

This post is very personal to me... Before I go on to show you the interview I would like to share some context and background story. Leaders With a Mission is a passion project - Here we share the stories of people that are making a difference. People that are on a path to massive impact to elevate humanity - our mission is to amplify the visibility of those people that are here to do good in the world. And, for the past year, I've been on a DEEP immersion of growth from within. In this search for growth and transformation - I encounter amazing humans that have been instrumental in my spiritual, emotional, and physical - healing journey. (here is where I get to plug this week's guest) Dr. Aron has been one of these instrumental humans in my life. HIS WORK IS TRANSFORMATIVE - and the world needs to know more about him. If you are someone that seeks personal growth in a holistic way, then this interview is definitely for you. Allow me to introduce our guest for today... Dr. Aaron Wilkerson is on a mission to unleash untapped inner potential, He's committed to helping people find alignment of mind-body and soul. His passion is to awaken those that are ready to thrive, not just survive. He is a licensed chiropractor, energy worker, teacher, and braveheart badass. He flew all the way from Denver, Colorado to be here with us - I am beyond excited to share his story and mission that I would like to describe as a way to hacking human energy and potential with (NSA - Network Spinal Analysis) an innovation within chiropractic .. Check it out - and let us know what you think...


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