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Is evergreen content important for a small business?

Is evergreen content important for a small business?

This is a common question I get..

If you are you looking to grow your business and make it stand out? Look no further.. * cue* Ever Green Video 🎥!

What if you could generate leads, credibility, visibility, and brand recognition - while working once and enjoying the benefits of video that keeps working hard for you LONGTERM.

Now, imagine setting your video marketing ON AUTOMATIC this is what we are all about, what we teach, What we do, and what we help our clients do.

For 11 years we've been working with small business owners with BIG hearts - People that understand that they got a mission to share with the world, and they get that VIDEO is the tool that will help them reach more people with the least amount of effort and the most amount of impact.

Today I want to share one of the most powerful video formats - and the starting point to get going with the creation AUTHENTIC video that is ALIGNED to YOU, your values, your message, your audience, and the current social media landscape.

Pls check out the below video AND let me know if you got any questions.


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