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Learn About How We Can Support Your Bussines Grow With Video Content - Check out this interview


Welcome superstars I'm here with a Dianafriend a client a colleague and someone who helps me in my business this is Diana Castros and she works with For Productions actually she's the co-owner of For Productions and she works with video and that's her area of expertise and so I brought her here today to share with you a little bit about video, so Diana tell me a little bit about what you do for your clients what your business is all about.


Thank you Michelle for bringing me over and let me tell you a little bit about what we're about so we're a small but mighty video production company that works specifically with leaders and change makers and more specifically with speakers and coaches and authors who are ready to amplify it and magnify their impact through the power of video these are people who are committed to elevating humanity through their message and their mission and we do it through consistent video content and online courses anything that supports their leadership.


Okay so what do you see as a big trend right now in the industry of video and specifically with video marketing


There's a lot of trends going on and the trends come and go and that's the thing that trends will always come and they will leave and so a lot of people are trying to jump on the latest

thing and the latest thing and the latest thing and what I see happening is burnout and it's like moving really really fast but not progressing it's like they feel so busy and it feels so heavy and they're trying to people are trying to like what do people need so I,'ll do whatever you want me to do like like I'll be your monkey kind of a thing and what is happening I see is that they're deviating like they're going apart from their alignment on their mission

on their message because they're looking for the next hit of what's going to make me viral what's going to be the next thing and what I like to invite them to consider is that when

that is the only strategy that you're working on you're only working for a short term and that might work in a short term but is that really what you want are you in it for the long run are you in it to create a legacy are you in it to create impact and to create compounding

interest on your visibility and that's what I want to change


Okay so great intro to my next question how do you do it different what can people expect when they work with you


The first thing that people can expect is that we go deep and inside and it's is is very into

finding who we are first what is our message what is aligned to what we want to do who are we talking to who is our audience what is it specifically that thing that will speak to their soul like how do we truly understand the client and creating content understanding the game of youtube and address it's not like we are deviating from the platforms that's not what it is, is

how can we create lasting efforts through the work that we do now so we first go deep, we understand the branding we package them individually and then we create a consistent content marketing video marketing strategy that will lead them long term and that's one of the things that we do different we are different in many many other ways which

I would say that I feel that the way that we do business in my company with my husband is that we're so in touch with what we want to do in the world we want to make sure that what we create is elevating humanity so we only work with specific clients we only work with people who are really really in here to create an impact and we merge kind of coaching with video content with video marketing we like a hybrid of video production company with coaching and marketing strategy


Oh that's beautiful and I've had that experience myself working with you which has been

super fun I highly recommend working with Diana and to that end Diana why don't you let them know where they can find you and how they can connect with you


Thank you so, if you're if you are interested in learning more about what we bring to the

world please visit us at


Thank you for being here super fun having you here at the superstar summit and I look forward to seeing your performance tomorrow yay you'll see it you


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