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New Year, New Video Content!!!

If you are a small business owner struggling with "content fatigue" ...

Trying to come up with ideas of what to talk about on social media - can feel like punishment.

Finding the time to film, + post "CONSISTENTLY" feels draining and frustrating...

Not to worry - Creating consistent video content with systems and strategy - is my zone of genius and I can definitely help you!

We created a system that will help you stay consistently visible with video marketing for 12 months and we get all the content calendar ready in one day!

It all starts with the Planning and strategy - this first phase is the phase I call GAME PLAN for GAME-CHANGERS.

At the end of this training you will walk away with a full year content calendar that is custom made for you, and your unique "brand voice". We will give you 4 different strategies that will help you become a Content Making Machine without effort PLUS, I will show you how to proof your content ideas to ensure that what you are putting out is "foundable" online.

Our next training is on January 30th! ****

If you would like more information check us out here


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