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Should you hire a professional videographer?

Hello Changemakers! This week I want to share with you some of the advantages of hiring a video crew to support you in your marketing efforts. There are some new things that I get to highlight in this "short" email ** things that are NOT included in the video... *{subliminal message to persuade you to watch the video}*

here are just 5 reasons... 1- When working with a professional producer and video crew - you can get support with STRATEGY, * see blind spots that may not be visible to you. 2- Increase Brand Awareness. 3- Increase visibility online 4- (when creating social content) - you get to start being consistent with your marketing efforts and free yourself from the "guilt" of not posting consistently. 5- Build trust, and credibility. There are tons of statistics that show how video is a great investment for your business... (that will be in another email) - For now, I want to be respectful of your time and leave you with the following. Video is an amazing tool that you get to leverage to your advantage... You decide how you want to show up for those that are looking for you online. ** The key word is SHOW UP** What I mean by this is the following: - Honor the stage of business you are in - If you are just starting, and if your budget is limited; my invitation is to - start filming with your phone. - Now, if you are in a growth stage of your business, you get to invest in professional support that will free up time for you to do more of what makes you money. The important thing is to USE VIDEO and leverage the power of video for growth, leads, systems, and legacy. I close this email with my short and to-the-point VIDEO message ... only 1 minute video **let me know your thoughts..


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