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The Most Important Thing In Marketing

There is nothing more rewarding for a creative than to feel like what we create makes a difference, and get's people excited, motivated, clear, and on their path to growth.

Creating a video marketing plan is NOT about the video. Video is just the medium of expression, and to me, video is definitely a medium that translates more than just information, it translates connection, trust, confidence, authenticity... and much more...

What really matters when making videos for marketing your business is the energy from which we create; are you creating from a place of confidence, or a place of fear? are you creating to impress, or are you creating content to serve and own your place in the market?

How you package yourself, your brand, and your value matters. It matters to create from a place of alignment, with integrity to your brand values, all while understanding the rules of the game set by Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In.

Imagine creating from a place of clarity, leadership, and a clear understanding of your ideal client's dreams, pains, values; what if we can use all this information and translate it to keywords that would give us a road map of how are your clients searching for your services, and meeting them there.

While at the same time maximizing efforts and diversifying your video content on multiple platforms to leverage your efforts.

There are sooooo many different ways to do marketing nowadays, and I believe that VIDEO CONTENT is a new way of currency that can provide YEARS of compounding interest in your brand's message, positioning, findability, credibility, and overall brand value.

I would love to share one recent testimonial from one of our amazing clients.

Here are some of the texts we have received...

The program includes pre-work "VIRTUAL SESSIONS" that prepare us to make the best of the LIVE SESSIONS and this is the message we received from her while on the pre-work! 🤓

Here - is the first message received after receiving her first set of videos. ** we love our clients **


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