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The Video Podcast is Ready!!

Leaders With a Mission is back! In this new season, we explore the many facets of leadership and how they can be applied to your business growth, and personal fulfillment. We had the pleasure of interviewing a pack of amazing and inspiring leaders, so stay tuned in! In this episode, we talked with Monica Reyes, Her story is fascinating with a powerful message. - Learn how she walked away from a successful law firm she had built with 40+ employees to answer a bigger calling. She is now a spiritual leader who guides and empowers ChangeMakers towards self-awareness, spiritual awakening, and purpose. She is a TEDx speaker, a certified Transpersonal Coach, a Kundalini instructor. She has presented for companies such as Gucci, Ricoh, NFLPA, TD Bank, and Amazon. We get to learn from her journey to re-inventing what success looks like. I hope you enjoy it!


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