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What if you could get to the root cause of your chronic condition(s)?

Hello Friends! Today I get to share with you a human that has been part of the healing journey that includes my family and close friends and family. He is the kind of doctor that follows up and takes my calls when I feel lost on how to best support my family when they are in pain. He has recently written a book and today I would love to scream on the rooftops about him and his approach to medicine from an integrative and holistic, yet medical approach. Let's start with this question... Have you heard people saying "I have health issues because it's genetic"? or this one "People live longer than in the past due to modern medicine"? These and other affirmations about medicine are taken as truth by people like you and me, right? What if they were all myths? How would that change your vision of medicine? Dr. Michael Forman is an expert at making the Root Cause Connection. He has treated thousands of patients by closely looking at the mechanics of how the medical system operates and he has created a list of Myths that will change your perspective on medicine and healthcare. If you're looking for mind-blowing knowledge, take a look a the talk I had with Dr. Forman! Enjoy it! And please let us know what you got from this episode!


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