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Created for thought leaders and mission-driven organizations that are ready to amplify their visibility with consistent VIDEO CONTENT,
- without draining their time and spirit 

Give me 3-Days and you'll walk away with an entire VIDEO MARKETING PLAN, a professional video, and the courage to talk on camera with confidence!

Diana Castro Video

Map out 12 months of proven content ideas that will get you infront of your ideal audience

Learn systems that keep you consistent without draining your time and spirit  

Get camera ready, with live coaching and create a professional video

Creating videos can be overwhelming. 

And let's say it out loud, being in front of the camera can feel intimidating, right?


If you are like most business owners and leaders I work with, you got into business because you want to make a bigger impact and help more people ...

Well, the reality is that when you are able to package YOU, your message, your vision, 

your "special sauce" in VIDEO FORMAT, you're able to leverage your time and become foundable any time and anywhere...

** and that's what I call GLOBAL IMPACT!!**

Now, the real question is how can you create systems around video marketing so that the process is practical, time-efficient, and intentional. (driven by purpose)


Plus, how do you know that you are doing it right?

There are so many parts to consider...

From what to say, how to find the right title for each video, what to wear, the right video length, the right format... the list is E-N-D-L-E-S-S 😳


This goes without mentioning the technical part... cameras, audio, light, composition... 

 And the big question... DRUM ROLL PLEASE 🥁.

Who has the time to film over, and over, and stay consistent without burnout? 


was created to address all of the above PLUS, to support you on your mission to impact the lifes, hearts, and minds of those that you serve.

Day 1

- Create a content calendar  (12 months) that is aligned with your mission, story, audience and values.

 - Discover your unique KEY WORD "fingerprint" to ensure  "online foundability"

- Learn how to leverage your own story-telling for video content.
- Plus, explore the leverage of PR strategies.

- Get access to all my filming planning templates. 

-Explore how to film your videos with a batch system that leverages time to your favor.

Day 2

- Find out what to say in each video, something I call CONTENT DESIGN.

- Turn your video Ideas into stories that engage, and transmit.

- Learn my unique formula with structure for systems and the freedom for self expression.

- Find your unique VOICE, without scripts,

- Recognize you authenticity and honor your brand's energy in front of the camera. 

Day 3

- Get ready, to show up for you and those that are looking for you.

- Get your professional makeup ON + get dress up for your ON CAMERA coaching session ... 

- Ligts, camera, AND Action! Let's film ONE VIDEO.

- Learn how to speak to camera, with confidence.

-Understand the do's and don't of on-camera content delivery. 

- Get a quick lesson on how to set up your own home studio.

Upcoming dates


8th, 9th, & 10th


23rd, 24th, & 25th


2nd, 3rd, & 4th

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I have been stuck for 3 years trying to understand/create content for my business (proper testimonial coming soon) and in just one day you pulled & inspired me not only to understand BUT to have the ability to create content, for me this is huge and I cant thank you enough!!!!!  

Riguhey Ortiz - Testimonial

Riguhey Ortiz

This program is for you if...

Video feels complicated

You're struggling to find topics for your content.

Video feels time-consuming 

You are struggling with consistency in your marketing

You looking to grow your social media

You are looking to create a Youtube Channel to grow your business. 

You are looking to drive more traffic to your website

You want to leverage VIDEO to reach more people online

My promise to you includes ... 

Walking away with at least 12 months of video content ideas.

Get secret insights on how to present on camera.

Walk away with one Professional video that you can feel proud of and post on your website + social media 🎬

Brake down your videos on 5 easy segments.

Practice your video delivery

and get feedback .

Get your video plan down

and ready to take over the world!

I highly recommend Diana Castro and her team for video marketing. 

She is fantastic and will hold your hand through out the process and will kick but when you need it. We had an awesome experience working with her and her team. She was meant to make videos that impact peoples lives. Attend her trainings and get your video content for the entire year!

Monica Amador

Monica Amador ESQ

Video Content Made Easy 
(Master Class) is for...


Thought Leaders



Consultants with integrity

Interior Designers

Small Businesses with heart


Solopreneurs with a mission

Service-based companies

Functional medicine practitioners

Mission Driven Organizations

What Makes This Master Class So Different?

Well, the truth is that selfishly I have a dream to "take over the world" (my weapon of choice = PURPOSEFUL VIDEO CONTENT).


The idea is to AMPLIFY  the messages and impact of thought leaders, and mission-driven entrepreneurs that are brave enough to share their messages of love, inclusivity, hope, empowerment, financial freedom, self-mastery, compassion, healing, integrity... and well, all the high vibrating forces that elevate humanity. 

I'm on a mission to elevate and support changemakers by helping them overcome their limiting beliefs about "Impostor Syndrome" while giving them the tools and systems for consistent VIDEO CONTENT aka consistent global impact so that their messages impact the world with abundance and prosperity.

The world needs brave leaders to step up their game. I want to be that partner that helps them PACKAGE THEIR MISSION AND MESSAGE IN VIDEO FORMAT.

I believe that VIDEO has the power to incept ideas - and we need to use this superpower TO DO GOOD IN THE WORLD - purposefully and mindfully.

Whether you’re looking to get video strategies or to hire a production team to film and edit your videos for you, or, you want to film your videos on your own — this program gives you the foundation.

I will help you discover how to package your special sauce and honor your purpose by reaching more people with the power of VIDEO.


You have a responsibility with the gifts, talents, and spark that was given to you. SHARE IT!

Remember that we live in a time where "Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined." (G2 Crowd) And your message needs to be seen by those that need you. 

Implement our system and you will become a VIDEO CONTENT MAKING MACHINE without becoming a prisoner of social media.

Diana Castro Video

Your Investment...

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